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  • Aromatization of n-Octane over Pd/C Catalysts
    M. C. Yin, R. H. Natelson, A. A. Campos, P. Kolar, W. L Roberts
    Fuel 103 408-413 (2013)
Aromatization, Dehydrocyclization, Catalyst, Pd/C, Alkanes
  • Spray and Atomization of Diesel Fuel and its Alternatives from a Single-Hole Injector Using a Common Rail Fuel Injection System
    P.-C. Chen, W.-C. Wang, W. L. Roberts, and T. Fang
    Fuel 103 850-861 (2013)

Biofuel, Diesel, Jet fuel, Common rail, High-pressure injection
  • Crude Glycerol Combustion:  Particulate, Acrolein, And Other Volatile Organic Emissions
    S. A. Steinmetz, J. S. Herrington, C. Winterrowd, W. L. Roberts, J. O. L. Wendt, and W. P. Linak
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34/2 2749-2757 (2013)

Glycerol combustion, Emission characterization, Bio-fuels, Acrolein measurements, Waste fuels
  • Hydrocarbon Species Concentrations in Nitrogen Diluted Ethylene-air Laminar Jet Diffusion Flames At Elevated Pressures
    Ranjith Kumar A.K, E. K. Book, T. Fang, and W. L. Roberts
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
    34/11035-1043 (2013)
    Laminar flames, High pressure, Extractive sampling, Non-fuel hydrocarbons, Soot formation
    • NOx Emissions from High Swirl Turbulent Flames with Highly Oxygenated Fuels
      M. D. Bohon and W. L Roberts
      Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34/1 1705-1712 (2013)
    NOx, Oxygenated fuel, Glycerol combustion, Emission characterization
    • Effect of Diluents on Soot Precursor Formation and Temperature at Elevated Pressures in Laminar Diffusion Flames
      Ranjith Kumar A.K, T. L. B. Yelverton, T. Fang, and W. L. Roberts
      Combustion and Flame 160/3 656-670 (2013)
    Elevated pressure, Laminar diffusion flame, Diluent, Species concentration, Soot, Temperature
    • Soot temperature and KL factor for biodiesel and diesel spray combustion in a constant volume combustion chamber
      J. Zhang, W. Jing, W. L. Roberts, and T. Fang
      Applied Energy 107 52-65 (2013)
    Biodiesel, Diesel, Spray combustion, Two-color thermometry, Constant volume chamber
    • Environmental implications of iron fuel borne catalysts and their effects on diesel particulate formation and composition

      D. G. Nash, N. B. Swanson, W. Preston, T. L. B. Yelverton, W. L. Roberts, J. O. L. Wendt, W. P. Linak

      J. Aerosol Science 58 50-61 (2013)
    Ion Fuel-Borne, Diesel Particulate Emissions
    • Effects of Ambient Oxygen Concentration on Biodiesel and Diesel Spray Combustion Under Simulated Engine Conditions
      J. Zhang, W. Jing, W. L. Roberts, and T. Fang
      Energy 57 722-732 (2013)
    Biodiesel, Diesel, Spray combustion, Constant-volume chamber, Chemiluminescence, Luminosity
    • Product Sampling during Transient Continuous Countercurrent Hydrolysis of Canola Oil and Development of a Kinetic Model
      W.-C. Wang, R. H. Natelson, L.F. Stikeleather, and W.L. Roberts
      Computers & Chemical Engineering 58 144-155 (2013)
    Hydrolysis, Triglycerides, Diglycerides, Free fatty acids
    • Effects Of Ambient Temperature And Oxygen Concentration On Diesel Spray Combustion Using A Single-Nozzle Injector In A Constant Volume Combustion Chamber
      W. Jing, W. L. Roberts, and T. Fang
      Combustion Science and Technology 185: 1378-1399 (2013)
    Diesel engine, Excess air ratio, Low-temperature combustion, Natural luminosity, OH* chemiluminescence, Spray combustion
    • ASI: Dunaliella Marine Microalgae to Drop-In Replacement Liquid Transportation Fuels
      W.-C. Wang, E. Allen, A. A. Campos, R. K. Cade, L. Dean, J. G. Immer, S. Mixson, S. Srirangan, M-L Sauer, S. Schreck, K. Sun, N. Thapaliya, C. Wilson, J. Burkholder, A. M. Grunden, H. H. Lamb, H. Sederoff, L. F. Stikeleather, W. L. Roberts
      Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy 32, No 4, 916-925 (2013)
    biofuels, algal oils, Dunaliella, microalgae, deoxygenation
    • Semi-Batch Deoxygenation of Canola- and Lard-Derived Fatty Acids to Diesel-Range Hydrocarbons

      J. P. Ford, N. Thapaliya, M. J. Kelly, W. L. Roberts, and H. H. Lamb

      Energy and Fuels 27(12) 7489-7496 (2013)

    Canola, Lard-Derived Fatty Acids, Diesel-Range Hydrocarbons